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Top 10 CPA Networks 

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CPA marketing, also known as cost-per-action marketing, is a type of affiliate marketing model in which the affiliate receives a fee for completing a particular action. Every time a referred visitor completes the action or bid, CPA affiliates are charged a fixed fee.

CPA Affiliate Networks are becoming increasingly common in recent years.

Every day, a new CPA network emerges in the industry, bringing with it some exclusive and creative campaigns to entice publishers and marketers.

Display advertising has emerged as a recent phenomenon in the affiliate marketing season. Advertisers can choose from a variety of scenarios to ensure that the campaign’s behavior matches their promotional objectives. CPC is no longer a viable promotional strategy, as the strength of ROI and results has completely replaced it.

As an advertiser, you might be looking for in a CPA network –

  • Good Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Cheap Mobile App Installs (if the advertising goal is mobile marketing)
  • Proper and Real-Time reports (Actionable Data)
  • Utilization of each penny spent on marketing

When running a CPA advertisement campaign for any affiliate network, you (the advertiser) must keep a reasonable return on investment in mind. Otherwise, your efforts would be in vain.More than just data, an advertiser dashboard that provides information on the number of conversions versus the number of clicks, and the number of clicks versus the number of impressions, among other metrics, is a must-have for making future decisions.

If my advertisement goals are met or nearby stats are met, I (as an advertiser) will continue to advertise with a network. And I won’t be able to take any more action unless those figures are fast, precise, and real-time.

For publishers the things to consider are –

  • High Paying Campaigns
  • Direct Advertiser relations
  • Perfect Monitoring
  • Affiliate Tools to monetize each visit

What is a CPA Affiliate network?

CPA stands for “cost per action” or “cost per cost per acquisition,” and it means you’ll get paid commissions or bonuses if someone buys anything through your affiliate (referral) connection.You will be paying a fee when a user fills out a questionnaire, completes a survey, or downloads an application after clicking on your affiliate connection. Let’s take a closer look.

Thousands of affiliate services from marketers from nearly every country are available via CPA networks. Since these fantastic networks allow for direct communication between advertisers, you can receive a higher pay-out per lead or action.

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How Does CPA Marketing Work?

When you break down how the CPA model works and who is involved, it’s a clear idea.

  • Affiliate or Publisher: A third-party influencer (blogger, brand, or company) who promotes a company or product in order to drive traffic to an ecommerce site and convert customers.
  • Business or Advertiser: A company that wants to work with an affiliate to increase revenue, generate leads, or improve conversions by driving quality traffic to their website.
  • CPA Network: A website that connects affiliates that want to make money by promoting products with companies who want their goods to be promoted.

Let’s say Lisa (our affiliate in this story) is a prominent cooking blogger with a large number of YouTube subscribers and blog readers.

She learned how to start a blog to make a living in her kitchen, where she experimented with new recipes and recommended unique brands and items to her readers. Her cooking audience is ready to buy the next kitchen gadget she recommends after establishing a guest blogging strategy, increasing web traffic, and creating a cult following.

Then there’s EasyCooking, our hypothetical business.

Cutting boards and measuring cups, as well as specialist mixers and food processors, are all manufactured by EasyCooking. They’re trying to broaden their marketing scope, and Lisa’s audience of aspiring chefs will be ideal.

Lisa and EasyCooking are linked via a CPA marketing network.

CPA networks will help influencers like Lisa find businesses willing to pay her to use and sell their goods so she can earn money doing what she loves and engaging her audience.

Lisa directs her viewers to the company’s website, where she earns a fee for any sale or lead conversion.

As a result of Lisa’s referral traffic, EasyCooking makes money.

They are brought together by the network, and the viewer gets to try new products and hear about new brands. It’s a win-win situation.

CPA Marketing Payment Model

The payouts in each vertical vary depending on the level of competition and average commission rates.

Skullcandy, for example, has a popular partner program that pays a 5 percent commission on sales in a competitive electronics segment.

Kelty, an outdoor camping gear company, offers affiliates a tier-based commission system with commissions ranging from 5% to 10%. It all depends on the level of rivalry in your vertical.

The cost per action formula is a low-risk option for advertisers because they only pay for desired acts after they happen, as opposed to paid traffic, where you only pay to get people on your platform via advertising.

An advertiser’s cost per action is calculated by multiplying the overall cost of the marketing campaign by the number of effective actions taken.

Let’s take a look at our fictitious business, EasyCooking.

The cost per operation is $40 if EasyCooking spends $1,000 on a marketing campaign and receives 25 good conversions on a signup form for a recipe ebook.

Although cost per action varies by industry, according to Google AdWords, the average cost per action for all industries is $48.96.

  • The automotive industry has the lowest CPA at $33.52.
  • Technology has the highest CPA at $133.52.

What are the Benefits of CPA Marketing?

When you target the right audience (as an affiliate) and work with quality influencers, CPA marketing can be very profitable (as a business).

The cost per action formula has a range of advantages over other ecommerce marketing platforms, including:

1. Easy to set up.

CPA marketing is simple to set up: all you need is a website and a CPA network to get started.

This marketing strategy needs very little initial investment.

You will start getting traffic from affiliate sites almost instantly if you use your own website and choose a CPA bid.

2. Pay After the Sale.

You aren’t paying for non-converting traffic.

Diversify your affiliates and change your attention to a more effective influencer if an affiliate’s referrals consistently deliver low conversion rates.

3. Low Risk.

The risk for ecommerce companies is low since no payment is made to the publisher until a referred visitor converts to a customer or completes a particular mission.

4. High ROI.

Affiliate marketing accounts for 16% of all online advertising.

Customers invest more money when they buy something based on an affiliate’s recommendation, according to CJ through Conversant’s Affiliate Customer Insights.

This means that these marketing strategies generate higher-quality traffic and are more cost-effective than any other traffic sources.

Affiliate marketing produces:

  • 58% higher average customer revenue.
  • 31% higher per customer order average.
  • 21% higher average order value (AOV).

Furthermore, the more revenue you generate, the higher your commissions would be. The BigCommerce affiliate scheme, for example, begins with a 200 percent commission and increases based on sales volume.

5. Expand Marketing Reach.

CPA marketing provides you with size and reach.

CPA marketing is used by almost every industry vertical, including apparel, electronics, home and garden, pet supplies, cosmetics, and almost everything else.

Take, for example, Bliss, a skincare and beauty product line.

All sales generate a 10% CPA payout from their affiliate network.

Through reaching out to the affiliate’s audience—a demographic you would not have otherwise reached—you will raise brand awareness.

Best & Top 10 CPA Affiliate Networks

You should sign up with these Best Affiliate Networks because they are the most reliable, have a larger organization, host the most affiliate networking activities and conferences, and pay their publishers without fail.Here we discuss about top 10 cpa network.


The top 10 cpa network in the adult and dating niche is CrakRevenue. It has a plethora of dating/adult deals from different Geos, as well as exclusive partner items with the most successful landing pages to increase conversions. It pays weekly as well as a lifetime referral fee of 5% for each publisher you refer.It’s one of the best cpa network of top 10 cpa network.

CrakRevenue has been named the most successful CPA affiliate network in the industry. Bluebook has named it one of the top five CPA affiliate networks.

It runs on a custom platform that includes real-time conversion updates and statics. The network features deals such as dating, adult, sweepstakes, CC trials, Pin Submits, SOI, and app install, all with guaranteed high payouts.

Some of the exclusive items like JerkMate: The Most Trendy Cam Bid and! This network’s SmartLink allows the highest earnings on all dating/adult traffic.

The CrakRevenue team shares the most successful creatives and banners for increasing sales and leads. The customer service is also very helpful, and they provide creative tools like Smartlink, popups, and native advertising for additional revenue. To learn more about the features of this dating CPA network, read this CrakRevnue Review.Here we discuss about top 10 cpa network .If you read our full blog  you will a clear concept about top 10 cpa network.

Crakrevneue features for publishers:

  • Over 893+ exclusive CPA campaigns with premium payouts
  • Minimum Payout $100.
  • Mobile GEO, livecam widgets and smart links for extra earnings opportunities
  • Payments via Wire,, ACH, Check, First Choice Pay
  • payment cycles: NET7, NET15, NET 30, Weekly and Bi-monthly.
  • Multiple verticals with global coverage.

CrakRevenue is the best option if you want to make more money with dating/adult CPA deals. The CR team is always available to help you monetize your adult traffic.

CR’s offers allow almost all traffic and its creatives to be rebuilt to transform the internet’s toughest traffic, whether you have organic dating traffic or are into media buying.It ranks 1 in top 10 cpa network.Its a much more best cpa network for 2021.

2. Admitad 

admitad is a CPA network that caters to all of your advertising requirements. admitad provides publishers with new business models and reliable revenue channels to ensure traffic monetization. It was established in Germany in 2009 (and launched in 2010), and it now has a global presence.

It has its own cutting-edge in-house network, premium payments starting at $20 on demand, a wide range of advanced software, and well-known brands!

Admitad main features and advantages:

  • Wall and API data feeds are available for automation.
  • Decisions are made quickly, and the organisation is centralized.
  • Payment options include PayPal, e-payments, and wire transfers.
  • Anti-Fraud technology, cross-device tracking, fingerprint tracking, advertiser toolbox, anti-cookie technologies, deep linking options, cross-device monitoring, in-house platform are the most significant technological advantages.
  • Business model: It does not charge fees and offers statistics and analytics to its affiliates on a daily basis.
  • Territorial coverage: a multinational network of top brands and various GEOs around the world.

It would rather assist you on your CPA marketing journey. Every publisher is developed by the network, and every affiliate is assisted in growing within the network and increasing their sales with us.

It has thousands of new campaigns in a variety of niches. It has the best highest paid affiliate programs with excellent payouts in eCommerce, Online, banking, and travel, and their fast connect technology enables auto monetization of website traffic through their creative tools. On several of my websites, I use admitad. It’s a network that you can check out.

It’s time to lift the bar and get the pay you deserve – admitad is here to assist you in establishing and growing a profitable company!It ranks 2 in top 10 cpa network its one of the best cpa network.

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CPALEAD is the largest reward CPA network in the world, with over 2000 promotions. They were the first to invent content locking, which is now used by many of the big CPA content locking networks. They have the highest payout rates in the industry and have developed a number of resources for publishers, including custom landing pages, pre-built niches, and so on.

People all over the world use CPALEAD, and they have the highest number of users and traffic. They show their appreciation for their publishers by giving them free gifts and treats, as well as inviting them to the annual grand party.

CPALEAD offers 100% fill rates on quality lead generation, unique offer inventory, mobile app downloads, and CPA programs for all countries.

CPALead is the best premium content locking CPA network to choose if you want to simply make money by sharing files or tools, or if you want to work with the PPD (Pay per download) process.It ranks 3 in top 10 cpa network it is one of the best cpa network.


MaxBounty is another well-known CPA network for professional internet marketers who make over $5,000 a month. To be honest, getting accepted on MaxBounty is difficult because they have a lot of conditions and only accept users who are already making a lot of money.

MaxBounty is not for affiliate marketers who are just starting out. It’s simply the most dependable network I’ve ever worked with, as they pay on time every week.

They have an internal monitoring system and over 1000 services from CPA, CPL, and CPS. Since 2004, the organization has provided performance-based affiliate marketing, ensuring that all sides of the performance marketing continuum are handled equally. For years, top industry experts have ranked them as the best.

It has a $50 minimum payment and pays monthly for the first month, as well as NET-15. Check, wire, Payoneer, PayPal, and ACH are all accepted payment methods on MaxBounty. They’re even giving new affiliates a $1,000 incentive. Contact your AM (Affiliate Manager) once your account has been approved to learn more about this promotion.

The premium list includes MaxBounty. Their higher payouts set them apart from the competition. Join MaxBounty to get premium payouts and exclusive campaign optimization through their account managers for your traffic.It ranks 4 in top 10 cpa network.

5.Adscend Media

Since 2008, it has been one of the most developed and reliable CPA networks. Content locking and bid walls were more essential to Adscend Media. However, the network has evolved and changed significantly over time in order to keep up with the times.

Globally, the company has over 1850 offers in verticals such as CPL, CPA, and CPV. It primarily provides services that convert easily, such as email submissions and button clicks. Obviously, these campaigns have a low payoff, but they convert quickly and can provide a high return on investment.

Adscend Media is unquestionably a top-performing network with a diverse inventory in all segments and verticals, as well as global traffic.

Adscend Media allows incents, cash back, or loyalty points on any of its CPA campaigns, if that’s what you’re looking for.

Adscend Media is unquestionably a top-performing network with a diverse inventory in all segments and verticals, as well as global traffic.

Adscend Media allows incents, cash back, or loyalty points on any of its CPA campaigns, if that’s what you’re looking for.It ranks 5 in top 10 cpa network.


Over the past 19 years, ShareASale, which is now a part of Awin, has been a leading performance marketing network. With thousands of sales and lead initiatives in almost every niche, including technology, e-commerce, travel, hosting, fitness, and fashion, there is something for everyone.

Over 3900 direct partner services are available on the network, with publisher support available by phone. Coupons and offers, data feeds, custom connection development, real-time reports, and video creatives are some of the features they offer.

Whatever niche you’re in, ShareASale has partner programs that will appeal to your target market. They have some cutting-edge tools to help you increase your earnings.

ShareASale has a large number of direct advertisers and pays out at a high rate. They keep track of their inventory in-house. Payments may be made via PayPal, Payoneer, direct ACH transfers, wire transfers, and checks.It ranks 10 in top 6 cpa network.

7. MyLead.Global

One of my favorite CPA networks, with over 456 CPA Campgians, 382 CPL, 280 CPS, and over 520 COD deals. CPA offers are available in a variety of niches, including health, banking, insurance, industry, entertainment, Adult, dating, gaming, cryptocurrency, eCommerce, downloads, Trial, gambling, incent and non-incent.

The majority of Mylead.offers Global’s are direct and come with exclusive payouts. It’s an all-in-one site for making money on the internet.

Almost all of the deals that come with high-converting creatives are available to any publisher. MyLead.Global has all of your campaigns in one location, with assured industry-leading payouts, no matter what niche you operate in.

About $4 million has been billed to the company’s publishers. On the 15 bases, the minimum payout is $20, and payouts are usually made within 48 hours. PayPal, Payoneer, Wire, Skrill, Payza, and WebMoney are all options for making payments.It ranks 7 in top 10 cpa network.

8. GlobalWideMedia

For modern partner marketers, Global Broad Media (formerly NeverBlue) provides data-driven marketing solutions.

For serious advertisers, it is one of the oldest and most prestigious partner networks. They have the best CPA deals across a wide range of categories, as well as an exceptionally high payout rate that you won’t find on any other scheme. Their affiliate support teams work with you to optimize the traffic in order to facilitate better deals.

GWM has branches all over the world and various websites for publishers to sign up in different locations., Aliexpress,, Ford, Uber, Walmart, among others are among their top clients.

For certain countries, the minimum payout is $100, and payment options include PayPal, Check Wire, and ACH Direct Deposit. GWM is a great option for affiliate marketers looking to make over $1,000 per month because they only accept serious publishers.

GlobalWideMedia is a premium CPA network with a wide range of verticals and high payouts, thanks to their large number of direct advertisers and businesses.It ranks 8 in top 10 cpa network it also better.


Clickbooth is another well-known CPA network that has won several industry awards for its outstanding customer support. On a CPA, CPL, CPE, CPS, and CPC pricing model, Clickbooth links advertisers with publishers to drive new customers.

CB is not for beginners since they have a fairly robust affiliate approval scheme. At Clickbooth, only serious marketers are required to sign up. With an accomplished Affiliate Manager, weekly payments assured, and user-friendly affiliate technology, Clickbooth has quickly risen to the top of the list.It ranks 9 in top 10 cpa network.


MobIdea is a mobile partner network that specializes in CPI inventory, as the name implies. Mobidea is the leading forum for free CPI campaigns and push notification CPA services, thanks to its cutting-edge software and technology.

In almost all countries, they have the greatest number of top CPI and CPA mobile traffic programs.

MobIdea features at a glance

  • MobIdea is the best affiliate network because it integrates all of the features of a tracker into the mobidea app and it’s completely free.
  • PayPal, ePayments, FirstChoicePay, paxum, and Wire are all options for weekly payments.
  • Top-converting deals are optimized in real time using an advanced algorithm.
  • Affiliates have access to help in five languages seven days a week.
  • MobIdea experts will provide you with 100 percent support to help you further monetize your traffic using their validated optimization techniques.
  • For automation, there are wall and API data feeds available.

If you have mobile or push traffic, MobIdea will help you convert it into cash with the best premium CPA mobile affiliate deals.It ranks 10 in top 10 cpa network it also better.


CPA marketing is a fantastic way to raise thousands of dollars and deposit them into your Paypal or bank account. However, I strongly advise you to avoid falling prey to fraud and sham affiliate networks.

That is why I have compiled a list of the most reputable CPA affiliate networks so that you can work with only the most reputable companies in the industry. If you read our full blog so far you have a good idea about top 10 cpa network.

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